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Web Platform of the Future: the Clash of Titans | Multi-language Programming with .NET
.NET QuickStart | .NET In One Day


Web Platform of the Future: the Clash of Titans. A comparison of J2EE and .NET

The battlelines are drawn for the critical fight to control the Web development platform of the future. One one side, the Java camp is refurbishing its well-established tools. On the other, Microsoft .NET provides a comprehensive array of new solutions. This session explores the competitors involved, describes the strategic components of their technologies, assesses their strengths, and analyzes the Clash of Titans, the outcome of which will determine the IT industry for the decades to come.

Upcoming sessions: In-house only. Please contact sales@dotnetexperts.com for more information.


Multi-language programming with .NET

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of Microsoft's .NET framework is its support for accommodating software systems and libraries taking advantage of many different programming languages. The Microsoft .NET environment provides a new model of component-based development, taking advantage of object technology concepts and making it possible to turn ordinary program elements into full software components at essentially no extra effort. The approach relies on novel concepts such as metadata and custom attributes. The degree to which it frees the component model from dependencies on implementation languages provides a level of language interoperability unheard of in previous approaches.

This unique seminar will explore the power of multi-language development and show how .NET lets your projects benefit from the variety of programming language models and the multiplicity of reusable component libraries. It will provide a detailed description of the .NET component model and its support for multi-language project development. It will show how to build robust applications using .NET and combining .NET-enabled languages.

Upcoming sessions: In-house only. Please contact sales@dotnetexperts.com for more information.



Upcoming sessions: This seminar is currently only offered in-house.

The Multi-Language Platform for the Age of the Internet
A one-day course by Bertrand Meyer

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You can get a PDF version of the seminar brochure, suitable for printing.

Why .NET?

In July of 2000 Microsoft announced the .NET framework, the most important development since the introduction of Windows 3.1 in 1991, slated to be released at the end of 2001. The result of a $2 billion investment, .NET is a revolutionary multi-language platform integrating all aspects of application development and closely integrating the Web at every step. Slated for actual release in the next few months, the technology will have a profound impact on the entire computer industry, from wireless devices to Internet appliances, personal computers and large server installations.

This information-packed one-day course covers the essentials of .NET, including both the "big picture" and a review of all major aspects of the technology. Presented by Dr. Bertrand Meyer, one of the pioneers of modern software technology, it is based on more than one year's advance exposure to .NET prior to the technology's official release. Dr. Meyer's team at Interactive Software Engineering and Monash University worked with Microsoft to integrate ISE's technology with .NET, culminating in a joint appearance with Bill Gates at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference that first introduced .NET.

Upcoming sessions: In-house only. Please contact sales@dotnetexperts.com for more information.


.NET QuickStart

If you don't know where to begin with .NET, this course is for you. This 2 day course is an introduction and technical overview of .NET, covering the main aspects of .NET via lecture and demonstration.

First day:

  • .NET Overview
    • .NET Architecture
    • History and Alternatives
  • The C# Language
    • Genealogy of the language
    • Enhancements over C++
    • Advantages of C# compared to C++ or VB
  • The .NET Framework
    • Architecture
    • Advantages of Standardization
    • Extending the Framework
    • Using the Remoting and XML Frameworks

Second Day:

  • ASP.NET and Web Services
    • History and migration from ASP
    • Web Services architecture
    • Building ASP.NET applications
    • Building Web Services
  • Rich Clients Using Windows Forms
    • Windows Forms Architecture
    • Building dialog box-based classes
    • Building MDI applications
    • Migration to Windows Forms for MFC Programmers

Upcoming sessions: In-house only. Please contact sales@dotnetexperts.com for more information.


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